Timing FAQ


The Spokane to Sandpoint Relay (along with the CLR) will be the first overnight relay in the country to professionally time all 36 legs, which is quite a feat.  Imagine – every S2S exchange is open as long as a marathon finish line, and on average we have 6-8 exchange points open at a time, so we were essentially timing 6 marathons at a time, 6 times in a row, over 36 hours.  It will take 10 NSPiRE staff and 30 other trained volunteers to pull this off and successfully time 2,700 individual leg splits over 200 miles.  It probably won’t be perfect this first year, but we hope everyone enjoys not having to time yourselves!

How will timing work in 2013?

Each team will receive an assigned timing chip attached to a wristband at the beginning of the race.  Each team member will wear and pass the chip to the next runner.  Timing mats will be used at the start and finish, each major exchange and the start and finish of the time trial, providing immediate live results that can be viewed on the nspirelive.com site and shared via Facebook, Twitter, text and email.  Live timing mats will be at the START, 6, 7, 12, 18, 24, 30 and the FINISH.

Results that are broadcast via social media will not have ranking information; this will only be available on the NSPiRE website. You’ll know your time and current overall and division standing as soon as you cross the mat (although you may get “passed” in the standings by faster teams behind you, so division standings won’t be completely up to date until all teams have crossed a major exchange or time trial leg).

The remaining run legs will be manually timed by trained volunteers as you cross each exchange point. Professional timing staff “sweepers” will be trailing the final team to enter all results from the non-live legs and upload them online.  You can expect to see these results updated online several hours after all teams have completed a leg.  If your bib is not CLEARLY VISIBLE on your front, we will be unable to record your time for that leg. During the night legs, your assistance in making sure your time has been recorded will help ensure the most accurate and complete results for your team.

Due to the smaller number of walk teams this first year, walk teams will need to record their own leg splits until they catch up with run teams later in the race.  If you turn in your timesheets at the end of the race, we will input them into the online system.

Do I still have to track my results on the paper Official Time Sheets like before?
No!  The timing will all be completed for you and you will have an electronic copy of all 36 leg times after the race is completed.

Due to the smaller number of walk teams this first year, walk teams will need to record their own leg splits until they catch up with run teams later in the race.

Major exchange points and the time trial will have timing mats and professional timing staff (Start, 6, 7, 12, 18, 24, 30, Finish)  The remaining exchange points rely on volunteers for timing and we can’t guarantee those exchange points, especially if we have no-show volunteers.  We are providing this service this year so that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your own leg splits.  However, if it is important to you to have guaranteed accurate leg splits for your legs, then we recommend that you still keep track for your own records.

What kind of report will our team receive at the finish?
Results for all 36 legs will be available online at www.nspirelive.com.  You may also use the NSPiRE app to check results.

Can I opt out of results?
You cannot opt out of results, but you can opt out of competition.  If your team is running for fun, if you “officially leapfrog”, if you want to skip some legs, or otherwise not follow all competition rules, you must notify the nearest Race Official and submit a designation change using the Race Day Website so that your team can be designated as “Official Leapfrog” or “Beer Garden League.”  (see race guide for details)  This means that your team is not eligible for a division award, and will also alert other teams that you are not competing so that other teams know who their official competition is.

We want to encourage and support competition for teams who want a serious competition, and we want to encourage and support fun and stress-free running for teams who are in it for the fitness, camaraderie and beer garden.

How soon after we run each leg can we expect to see results?
Results will be available immediately from the major exchange points, time trials, and the finish line. As soon as a team member crosses the timing mat, the results will show online.  Your ability to view these results will depend on cell coverage at your location. You will be able to view them using the NSPiRE app or a mobile browser.  For non-live exchange points you can expect to see the results online a few hours after the last runner has completed that leg.

How will you know who ran each leg?

1. Fill out the runner roster form or the walker roster form and submit it to us by the 9 pm on Thursday evening. You have the option of filling out only the contest legs if you wish. These are noted on the form.

2. If you do not send in your runners’ leg information, you will still receive leg results. You just will not have any individual names assigned to the leg results – they will all read “Team Racer TBD”.

For all contest legs and time trial legs, your team MUST submit the runner name and information for that leg using this form so that we know specifically who competed in each contest.  We request that you submit that information prior to race day.

What do I do if there is a mistake in the results?
Please email your changes to contact@nspirelive.com. NSPiRE will be at the finish line and can make changes to all of the results files, and they will be monitoring their email for your messages regarding results. If you have an issue with a result, please check in with the results tent.

Will there be individual awards for each leg?
Awards will be given for overall team results and individual time trial and contest results as in prior years. Your team can buy you a pint if you win a non time trial leg. :)

What if we lose our chip along the way?
If your team loses their chip, they should do the following:

  • Until you reach a major exchange point don’t worry – your leg times will be recorded manually using your bib # anyway.
  • As you are approaching a major exchange point – if possible, alert the professional timing staff at that exchange point that your runner will be coming through without a chip so that they are prepared to capture your time manually for that leg.
  • At the next major exchange point, professional timing staff will issue your team a replacement chip to use for the remainder of the race.

How will this timing system address cheating?
Because all legs will be timed, we will have splits for all 36 legs, and we will be able to review your average pace for each leg. If timing officials notice a large anomaly in timing, your team’s results will be flagged for review. Race officials will review flagged results and reserve the right to remove a team from a competitive division if results indicate a potential infraction.

If, for any reason, you need to start running the race unconventionally (leapfrogging, for example, or substituting runners from other vans), please change your competition status to beer league using our Race Day Website when cell service allows.

What if our team needs to leapfrog to finish in a timely manner?
You may use the Race Day website to submit your request to change your official competition status to “Official Leapfrog”. (Leap Frog and Beer Garden League teams will not be eligible for division awards, but you will still be welcomed to the finish line with full honors – medals, finishers shirts, and most importantly, your beer garden tickets.)

You must follow Official Leapfrog instructions in the Race Guide in order to receive an accurate adjusted race time.

How will you record results at exchange points without timing mats at some exchange points?
We will have trained volunteers who will record the time you exchange the timing wristlet. These results will be written; they will be input into the computerized results by NSPiRE officials throughout the day and will be delayed by a few hours. Please be patient as it is possible that mistakes will be made in deciphering handwriting. Results will be reviewed after the race for these types of mixups.

Why should I register on the NSPiRE website?
The NSPiRE website has a lot of great features. Not only will you be able to view current results from the major exchanges, but you will be able to set up email, text, Facebook and Twitter alerts about how your team is doing for other team members as well as family and friends at home. The website also allows the race directors to text out reminders and emergency messages should the need arise. Team captains should fill out their phone number on their NSPiRE profile to be able to receive these messages.

Why can’t I see a link for the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay race in the NSPiRE app yet (prior to race day)?
Upcoming races are only listed in advance of the race for users using the same email as is tied to the team results file in the NSPiRE system. All other users will not see a listing for the race until the race begins on Friday morning, even if you are signed up for alerts. This is a feature of the NSPiRE system – nothing is wrong!

Please watch this instructional video to learn how to set up the NSPiRE timing website for your team!